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How Much Will My New Sunroom Cost?

This is usually where most people start their search and is often the first question we hear. Of course, this is a natural impulse, but we hope that we’ve given you more to think about than just dollars and cents. A sunroom, conservatory, or patio enclosure is not a minor purchase like a candy bar or groceries. The glass room is your home; your castle. And whether you decide on a patio enclosure or sunroom, it will have a major impact upon your life and your loved ones’ lives.

This will probably be one of the largest investments you make after the purchase of your home and it is going to affect the value of that home now and in the future. A glass room investment will affect not only your enjoyment of your home, but its intrinsic value and its value on the open market should you decide to sell it and move.

Our files are full of people who have purchased a Four Seasons Sunroom and, for one reason or another, have sold their home and moved. Those people miss their sunroom so much that they often build another sunroom, solarium, conservatory, or patio enclosure on their new home, even if the home already has more than enough space.

Consider this:

  • 50% of homeowners say they are spending more time at home than they were just two years ago.
  • 80% of homeowners say it is important to have an outdoor living space for relaxation.
  • 35% of homeowners have finished an outdoor room ‑ patio room, patio enclosure, sunroom, solarium, conservatory, etc.
  • 34% of homeowners plan to add an outdoor living space in the next two years.

A sunroom, solarium, or conservatory, because it is a real year‑round living space, adds real value to your home. Be sure that any room addition you plan for your home can be used 365 days a year or you may find that the room addition you spent so much money on actually DE‑values your home on the open market.

value-worksheetSo, how much will your glass room cost? To appreciate the value of your new sunroom, solarium, conservatory, or patio room, you have to consider the cost of your existing home. For your convenience, we’ve included a simple worksheet. By completing this worksheet, you’ll have a good idea of the current resale value, per square foot, or the home you live in today as well as an idea of the historical rate of appreciation (increase in value over time) of that space.

By completing the Value & Appreciation Worksheet, you will understand the value of every square foot of your home. If you happen to have 12‑inch ceramic or vinyl tiles anywhere in your house you can look at one of those and know exactly how much that little 12‑inch square of space is worth. No wonder many people consider real estate the safest investment around!

Now you also have an idea of how much each square foot of your new sunroom, solarium, patio enclosure, or conservatory will be worth as well. Of course, you most likely don’t plan to sell your home immediately after building your new glass room addition, but logic would predict that your home and your new glass room, will continue to appreciate (become more valuable) in the future. Every day your home appreciates, you’ll be enjoying you new dream sunroom. The value of that experience? Priceless!

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