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Family Room Curved Sunroom in Walnut Creek, CA

My name is Marilyn and this is my husband Nick and we are sitting in the California Sunroom that Glen Skidmore did for us 10 or 12 years ago. I remember it well. I had total disbelief that this would work, one of those very rare things, the only thing we have ever done that turned out much better than I thought it would. I had high expectations. We knocked the windows out and built the sunroom. When people come into our home this is where everyone wants to be. It’s nice this time of year when its summer and it’s beautiful out but also in winter. We have had zero problems, worked out very well for us. What I enjoy most is two things: first in the morning with the lights coming in reading the newspaper and the other thing is when we have storms and the rain on the roof and being close to nature but still being dry. It is specular. I really like it.

Marilyn and Nick B. – Walnut Creek, CA

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