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  • Straight Eave Glass Roof Sunrooms
  • Straight Eave Glass Roof Sunrooms
  • Straight Eave Glass Roof Sunrooms
  • Straight Eave Glass Roof Sunrooms
  • Straight Eave Glass Roof Sunrooms
  • Straight Eave Glass Roof Sunrooms
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Straight Eave Glass Roof Sunrooms, Solariums, Patio Rooms, and Patio Enclosures

Straight Eave Sunroom additions are the most versatile and economic designs available in the East Bay! This sunroom design is simple, sleek, strong and modern. The straight eave sunroom is our classic sunroom design. Simple straight lines give patio enclosures, solariums, and sunrooms their traditional and contemporary appearance, with finished aluminum exteriors and interiors, and even natural warm wood interior beams in some styles. The solid roof on your sunroom, patio enclosure, or solarium gives the East Bay glass room individualized flare and year‑round comfort. Four Seasons’ straight eave sunroom addition and patio enclosures will add beauty, light, and contemporary elegance to your home in the East Bay.

Aluminum Straight Eave Glass Roof Sunrooms

Bring the heavens home to you inside your aluminum glass roof straight eave sunroom. An all‑glass roof of exclusive energy efficient Conservaglass Plus™ brings dramatic natural light and tremendous views deep into the heart of your home. You’ll treasure every tranquil moment spent gazing at a brilliant canopy of stars in the East Bay or relaxing on a sun drenched afternoon. Your East Bay straight eave glass roof sunroom, solarium, patio enclosure, or patio room will give you a lifetime of leisure and season‑changing splendor.

Hybrid Sunrooms with a Glass Roof

Let us introduce you to the sun room design that adapts to your needs. The Cal Sunrooms’ straight eave sunroom with vinyl cladding is an energy efficient glass room addition. Vinyl is 1400 times less conductive to heat and cold than aluminum, which means the vinyl cladding on your straight eave sunroom, patio enclosure, solarium, or patio room will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Saving energy costs means your glass room addition can meet all your needs all year long.

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Sunroom Features

Pre-finished aluminum interior and exterior
Energy efficient construction

  • Insulated roof system
  • Thermally broken frames and interlocking window sashes
  • High performance CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™

Window Choices & Features

  • Single or Dual Sliding Windows
  • Full View Fixed Windows
  • Removable Screens
  • Double Lock Security

Door Choices & Features

  • Full View French Doors
  • Full View Single-Swing Doors
  • Quad Doors with Screens
  • Sliding Doors with Screens
  • Multi-lock Hardware System

Color Choices

  • Bronze
  • Sandstone
  • White

Aluminum gutters
Concealed electrical raceways
CONSERVADECK™ insulated flooring system (for raised floor applications)
Optional Features:

  • Glass etching on doors and transoms
  • Grilles between glass on doors and windows